Human Capital Alliance

Global Perspective Thai Experience

Somsak Jaitrong

Senior Advisor

Areas of Expertise:

Global manufacturing and supply-chain strategies
Consumer integrated manufacturing
Asia Pacific expansion strategies


Somsak’s 27 year Johnson & Johnson career helped the company develop industry-leading local, regional and global supply-chain functions.

He rose from an engineering position to be Vice President, Consumer Asia Pacific Manufacturing and later Vice President, Consumer Global Manufacturing Strategy Deployment.

In his last position, he was responsible for developing and implementing enterprise-driven programs for manufacturing across consumer sites globally.

These programs strengthened the company’s ability to compete on quality, service and cost, and create significant long-term benefits.

Key programs implemented during his tenure included Zero Defect, Make-to-Win, Network Optimization, Capability Development and LEAN.

He is widely renowned as a leading Asia Pacific Supply-Chain authority.

Somsak received a Master’s degree in engineering from Lamar University, Texas, USA (1984) and a certificate of The General Manager Program, Harvard Business School, USA (1998).

Somsak Jaitrong