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Viwat Krisdhasima, PhD

Senior Advisor

Areas of Expertise:

Developing and leading end-to-end supply chain initiatives
Developing effective-and-efficient market-driven supply-chain processes and organizations
Developing business-operations’ models that drive market-responsiveness and create value for corporate growth
Aligning supply-chain capabilities with customer operations to create value for future growth


Viwat is widely recognized as one of Thailand’s leading supply-chain experts.

He spent more than two decades helping build Unilever’’s global leading supply-chain operations in Thailand and South East Asia.

Prior to establishing his own consulting company; Bell Pepper Ltd., he was Unilever’s Vice President Supply-Chain SEAA and served as a Board Member of the Unilever Thai Group.

In his first decade at Unilever, he honed his leadership skills in production, planning, R&D, warehousing and logistics through numerous career moves.

During the past decade, as a Unilever Thai board member, he worked with other board members to drive growth, while still leading the company’s end-to-end supply chain initiatives.

He also led the development of the company’s core-business operation model called Sales and Operation Planning process (S&OP) which orchestrates all company functions to operate in-sync and served as the head of Unilever’s Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) steering committee in Thailand.

For four years (two terms), Viwat was the co-chairman of ECR Thailand (Efficient Consumer Response) that conducted several successful joint projects between retailers and manufacturers that enhanced end-to-end supply chain efficiencies.

Viwat has a chemical engineering background with a Bachelor of Science, Chemical Technology, degree from Chulalongkorn University Thailand.

He received both a Master degree and a PhD in Chemical engineering from Oregon State University, USA. He also served as a faculty member at Bio- resource engineering at Oregon State University for three years.

Viwat Krisdhasima


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