Human Capital Alliance

Global Perspective Thai Experience

Senior Advisory Services

Senior Advisory Services  – unique intellectual capital on demand

Human Capital Alliance’s Senior Advisory Service Group attracts the best independent professionals that deliver outstanding Global-perspective, Thai-experienced consulting and project-based management services. All our senior advisors honed their leadership skills at large multinational businesses in Thailand and the region.

We are your prime source of focused business intellectual capital on demand.

Global perspective, Thai experience

Accessible expertise

Our senior advisors infuse deep, pragmatic industry experience and knowledge into projects that help short-cut learning curves and build credibility with clients’ teams or customers, and improve your projects chances for success.


Deployable at any pace and intensity over time, particularly appropriate for projects that are too small or too fast for major consulting firms. Clients have complete control; there is no time wasted on anything other than the analyses they most need.

Interim Leadership services

Our clients can insert a C-level or GM-level manager directly into critical roles, to fill key vacancies or assume leadership during a period of rapid change.

Instant leadership

Our clients can access top-tier executives, on the ground—immediately—to fill a critical gap or solve an urgent challenge.

Project Execution

Our Senior Advisory Services Group provides experienced independent professionals that can help you drive critical initiatives. These initiatives may include launching new markets, new products or providing independent leadership for critical projects. It may also involve providing experienced independent professionals to lead divisions, functions or companies during periods of rapid change or uncertainty.

Specific Project Areas

Our Senior Advisory experts can provide immediate top-level and Thai-experienced assistance for the following projects:

  • Global and regional supply-chain development
  • Consumer and pharmaceutical products market advisory
  • Government and regulatory strategy
  • Developing international expansion
  • Pre-IPO or loan – industry specific advisory services
  • Strategic corporate communications
  • Building new human resources infrastructures

Other corporate operations-specific projects

  • Strategy implementation
  • Cost reduction
  • Change management
  • New product launches
  • Performance improvement
  • Post-merger integration
  • Sales force realignment


Our clients seamlessly leverage experienced industry professionals to drive critical projects to success. These special projects are delivered with:

Speed: Rapid infusion of skills and capacity to accelerate critical objectives.

Needed Skills: Relevant expertise when it’s most valuable to your project.

Value: Huge ROI in terms of time-to-market and risk mitigation.

Flexibility: Preserve flexibility during times of uncertainty or rapid change, with no need to commit to a permanent hire right away.

Unique Effectiveness: With no preconceived biases or long-term agenda, interim executives can often be more effective in a challenging situation.

Typical Project Lengths: Projects typically last three to six months, although some projects have ranged anywhere from one month to 18 months.

Simply describe the need for one of our Senior Advisors and we will work with you to identify the right individual and team if necessary. Clients maintain complete control, deciding exactly which professional(s) they want to work with.