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During the past decade, Human Capital Alliance has been mentioned in various publications. We wish to share them with you.

Edwin Sim - Human Capital Alliance

Corporate Governance

The Nation: Finding world-class management

May 26, 2004 - A top human resources executive tells KI Woo how companies are building global-class infrastructures.

Corporate Governance

The Nation: Sustainable 21st Century Business: An Asian Perspective

Apr 21, 2003 - K I Woo reviews comments made at a recent seminar by The Economist Intelligence Unit entitled "Sustainable 21st-Century Business." Part one of a

Corporate Governance

The Nation: Shortage of IT Savvy Managers

Jul 16, 2000 - As the begins to see daylight again after scratching and crawling its way through its worst-ever economic crisis, companies that are restructuri

Corporate Governance

Bangkok Post: Restructuring executives with local experience needed

Dec 1, 1998 - Korn Ferry International, an executive search firm, said many firms in Thailand were experiencing an acute shortage of executives versed in rest