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Over the past decade, Human Capital Alliance has carefully cultivated a vast network of top-level business and government relationships in Thailand. Through these relationships, we have developed a real understanding of the forces shaping business in Thailand.

Insights present some of the ideas and analyses published by our consultants. Human Capital Alliance is pleased to share what we have learned and internalized in our years of executive search and senior advisory services in Thailand.

We hope that you will enjoy reading them and we welcome your comments.

Innovative Business Ideas

The Nation: Thai Business Families Proactively Managing Change

Sep 18, 2000 - K I Woo speaks to several leading management consultants about the changing management structures of Thai corporations.

Innovative Business Ideas

The Nation: Companies seeking management talent

Nov 1, 1999 - Despite the lingering doubts over Thailand ’s economic recovery and worries about the recapitalization of the banking sector, there remains a